About Us Overview

Our Love

a) We cherish family unity

b) We adore cool technology

c) We admire clever ideas

Our mission is to unite these in an effort to help people.


Our Work

We dedicate our work to inspire kids & parents with cool technologies, imaginative ideas and positive vibes.

We share our inspiring discoveries via our online magazine, the UnitedFamily Times. Let us know what you think!

UnitedFamily Times


Our Innovation 

We’ve created our own line of educational products designed to uplift and empower kids. We call them The Virtuals™. They’re a team of superheroes that inspire children to develop inner strength and to ‘Power-up with Virtues’. Through some awesome technology called Augmented Reality, these magical heroes teleport from another world to engage with kids in live 3D. You really have to see it!


Watch The Virtuals™ Video


Order your own magical cards and decals today here: The Virtuals™ Store


Our Invitation

We’d love to hear from you. What technologies, ideas and activities inspire you? What encourages you to learn with your family? What helps you make the world a better place for everyone?

Send us a message on our Contact page.

Let’s cherish our differences, laugh through the craziness and grow together on this magic blue marble.


Inspiring Family Tech & Ideas